YOU are Wonderfully Made

wonderfully made

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“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” – Coco Chanel.

So often we fail to feel comfortable in our skins. As a young child you are never aware of your flaws until someone makes you aware of them. When these flaws are blatantly pointed out at one, it becomes increasingly impossible to see yourself as a beauty queen, or better yet as a unique and beautifully made individual.

Recently my little niece came to visit, she the cutest, chubbiest little princess ever! And I love her to bits but she’s been behaving out of the ordinary. She has not been eating properly which is very weird considering she LOVES food, like every other human being. Her utter most weakness is chicken, just like her aunt. But when I made her favourite meal (toasted chicken and mayo sandwich), she casually pushed it aside and continued to drink the juice I made instead. Telling me “aunty I’m trying to lose weight, because all the kids say I’m bigger than them. And I don’t like being big anymore.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, my 7 year-old niece was starving herself, because of other people’s opinions about her. I was absolutely shocked and heart-broken that a girl so young is already having her confidence shattered into pieces. I told my mother about this and she was obviously just as shocked as me at her eating patterns.

I do not want my little princess damaging herself like I did, having an eating disorder is no joke. What people fail to understand is that one does not wake up one morning and decide to stop eating. The fact that one is willing to give up food shows how damaging words can be even if they are being said in a joking way. One becomes so consumed in the idea of trying to fix themselves for people that they are unaware of the damage they are doing to themselves in the process.

I personally have physically damaged my body to the point that it has become unrepairable. And I do not want this for my niece. I love my family so much, because they weren’t quick to judge me when they discovered my mental disorder instead my mother embraced me in her arms, helping over come the disorder and my dad was standing right beside me throughout the whole recovery stage.

So when we heard what my niece was doing to herself my mom had the best response in teaching her that the path she is going on was not the right one. Without coming across as judgemental and unsympathetic, my mom casually told her, “if you don’t eat properly or whenever you’re hungry, your hair will fall out and your skin will stop glowing and you will stop looking like an angel. So my angel eat so can always stay beautiful.” Straight after that my little niece gobbled up her supper so fast to ensure that she stays beautiful. Cause she is beautiful, just like everyone of you who is reading this post.

Whether you are a female or male and  you’re suffering from any self-esteem related issues, I’m here to tell you that my darling, you are gorgeous and anyone who is telling you otherwise is a hater. People break you down when they want something from you that they can’t have. And since they can’t have it, they would rather destroy that spark in you, don’t give them that power. Ever! I almost did and I almost lost myself.

Imagine if we all looked the same the idea of beauty would be so boring. This is why we are all uniquely and beautifully made so that our beauty can resonates with our being and personality. It is okay to have ugly days now and then, but soon after you better get back up and do you boo, because no one does you better than YOU!

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