Sweet Summer


(Picture via tumblr)

It is that time of the year again, when flowers blossom and the sun caress your skin. The season where one sits in pastures green sipping from a glistering cup of lemonade. Yes, it is December better yet it is Summer.

For me December is about waking up at home in my warm, silky white sheets with the warmth of the sunlight shining against my melanin skin. That’s one thing I love so much about South Africa, it’s sunny summer in the December time. Where Christmas lunch can be enjoyed in the beautiful gardens with family whilst the afternoon breeze cools off the day. And with the New Year being spent lazying around on the beaches of the coast, whether on the East or the West.

Christmas is definitely one of my favourites holidays, except for the stress that it comes with. By stress I mean the gift shopping for family, friends and yes, Secret Santas. Which is something that my family has decided to introduce for Christmas this year. The only problem is that we will all probably know who our Secret Santas are before Christmas, because everyone is in this house is just a Mam’ Goboza (it basically means ‘big mouth’ in English). But nonetheless I’m pretty excited to see how this tradition of Secret Santa in this family will play out [inserts laughing emoji].

Anyway, it’s hard to believe that the year 2015 has come and gone. It feels like I blinked for a second and just like that it’s over. But let’s relax and enjoy the last month of 2015, but let’s also reflect on the year that was 2015. As I prepare to close the chapter that was 2015, I’m getting ready to open a new chapter in my life named 2016.

I invite you into my sweet life.

With love and all things beautiful,

– Aphiwe.



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