Skincare 101: Learning to love my skin.

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So as my first beauty post, I have decided to share some skincare secrets and tips for anyone who wants to keep that glow throughout 2016. Yes, coconut oil is the answer to all our skincare problems, but there are also other means of achieving that flawless, natural finish and keeping the skin rejuvenated at all times.

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The Year of Success in 2016


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So we have finally kissed and partied 2015 away welcoming 2016 with arms wide open. The start of the year new is always exciting and refreshing. We are always hyped up about the beginning of a new year and 2016 is no different. We write New Year’s resolutions for ourselves which we begin to lose track of in the middle of the year and we let go of old things from the past which broke, angered and disappointed us making way for happiness, laughs, successes and love.

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