The Year of Success in 2016


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So we have finally kissed and partied 2015 away welcoming 2016 with arms wide open. The start of the year new is always exciting and refreshing. We are always hyped up about the beginning of a new year and 2016 is no different. We write New Year’s resolutions for ourselves which we begin to lose track of in the middle of the year and we let go of old things from the past which broke, angered and disappointed us making way for happiness, laughs, successes and love.

For myself I’ve decided to do things a little different which I think might also come in handy for anyone else willing to make 2016 THEIR year. So instead of writing down resolutions for myself I’ve decided to challenge myself every once in a while. I will try wake up most mornings and think of something that needs to be improved or done in my life. So like today, I woke up and thought ‘writing’ ‘blogging’ and for the past- who knows how many years- I’ve been adamant to start blogging, but every time I write it down it never gets put into action. Which is why I actually picked my laptop today and actually sat down to set up my blog. Finally getting serious about my writing life.

Also to make 2016 my year I’ve decided to wake up every morning and look in the mirror and recite at least three maximum five positive things to myself about life, not just for myself but for those around me. And today I woke and smiled back in the mirror giving thanks and reminding myself by,

  1. Thanking the Lord that those me around are alive and well (family and friends).
  2. Giving thanks that today is a beautiful sunny day and it is all the Lord’s doing.
  3. Congratulating my brother and those I know in matric for passing so well.
  4. Smiling that I slept well and peaceful.
  5. Blowing a give in the mirror cause I am beautifully made – because we are all about self-love this year.

I promise you that by reciting at least one positive thing to yourself before your day starts makes you feel that much more positive about the day ahead. So let’s challenge ourselves by creating positive auras around us. I’m determined to keep it going for as long as possible. Even if it means updating regularly on my blog.

With that said let the prosperities in the new year begin. Wishing you all the best for the year that is 2016. Go get them!

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