Skincare 101: Learning to love my skin.

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So as my first beauty post, I have decided to share some skincare secrets and tips for anyone who wants to keep that glow throughout 2016. Yes, coconut oil is the answer to all our skincare problems, but there are also other means of achieving that flawless, natural finish and keeping the skin rejuvenated at all times.

My favourite skincare and beauty shop will always and forever be ‘The Body Shop’ yes, yes I know everyone is currently obsessing over ‘Lush’ and ‘L’occitane’ but not me. I love the fact that all the products from ‘The Body Shop’ are not tested on animals and most importantly are naturally produced. Therefore their products are less likely to cause hectic damage to one’s skin unless you are allergic to a certain ingredient. So for the best shower gels, body scrubs, facial masks and even make-up I would definitely say opt for ‘The Body Shop.’

One of my favourite products from ‘The Body Shop’ has to be the body butter in Raspberry and Blueberry flavours. These body butters are best for normal and dry skins and work best during the winter times. Keeping the skin hydrated and smelling fruity for over 24 hours. Being someone who is obsessed with hygiene the smelling fruity was one of the main reasons I fell in love with the body butters. (Also did I mention there is currently a hectic sale at ‘The Body Shop’ on the body butters. )

For my face it has taken me a while to find something that works exceptionally for it. Without making my skin dry or disgustingly oily! It has been one tough journey, but I finally found a range of skincare products which are perfect for my face. Something I have learnt in the past is that, it is most ideal to have different products from the same skincare range. That way the skin is less likely to react to the different skincare products being applied to it.

The day I discovered the ‘Rooibos African Extracts’ was the day I made my face extremely happy and I could tell just by looking in the mirror. From the ‘Rooibos African Extracts’ skincare range I use the facial wash and scrub, moisturiser and toner. Having a face wash, moisturiser and toner should be the three most important beauty products in your bathroom. I can’t stress how important it is to have and use these products on your face to ensure your skin stays hydrated preventing it from blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and unwanted future wrinkles. Always moisturise your face – well I’m sure you obviously knew that – and always tone your face at least twice a week to open up any clogged pores.

Using facial masks for your face should be a regular skincare routine. For that I have decided to share some of my favourite facial masks for different skin types.

For normal skin, I would recommend doing a honey and plain yoghurt mask. Four spoons of honey and two spoons of yoghurt blend together until the mixture comes together and then apply it onto your face. Leave it on for 15 – 20 mins. Then wash off and pat face dry with tissue and finally moisturise.

For oily skin, I would recommend an egg and plain yoghurt facial mask, but I think simply using white egg works so much better. Make a little hole at the top of the egg and pour out the egg white into a bowl, do not pour out the yolk of the egg. Leave it on for 15 – 20 mins. Then wash it off and pat face dry with tissue, finally moisturising.

For dark circles under the eyes, I’ve had a severe problem with this and found placing cucumber or dried teabags (leave the teabags in the fridge for 10 minutes) over my eyes has worked like a charm. Basically slice two slices of cucumber and place them over the eyes for 15 mins and the same time duration goes for the teabags, I would suggest that one uses green tea teabags.

For dry skin on the lips, I usually once a month apply a lip scrub, just to remove the dead skin on my lips. I unfortunately have an issue with cracking lips. My lips are continuously being exposed to the sun and thus need that tender, loving, care. For the lip balm scrub mix a little brown sugar and olive oil, and then just rub it over your lips. Then wash your lips and don’t apply any lip balm straight away. Wait for at least 20 mins before applying anything on your lips.

So there it is, the answers and the secrets for my melanin skin and face. I hope you’ve gained something from this post and will implement it into your daily skincare routine. Do share with me any other skincare secrets you may have and let me know if you have tried some of my secrets and if they’ve worked for you. Oh and one important detail I forgot to mention. Whenever you’re drying your body, please, please be sure to always PAT the body dry and NEVER RUB it dry. When you rub the body dry you’re dividing the different layers of your skin, making it more vulnerable to being sunburnt. Also please do comment if there’s anything else you would like to know. I have many more skincare secrets up my sleeve, that I would definitely not mind sharing.

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