Me, Myself and Love.

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I can’t believe it is already the second month of the year! Just yesterday we were celebrating the coming of the new year. Now we are celebrating the month of love and cupids. That one time of the year where everybody wants to be loved and feel loved even though love should be felt throughout the year. Every month is about love. And who says being in love means having a significant other? This year’s Jet’s “Love Yourself” campaign reminded me that being in love with someone starts with YOU. It is amazing seeing women of all shapes and sizes coming together and feeling sexy for themselves, slay on girls! Slay on!

So this Valentine’s Day instead of being anti about the public holiday and locking myself away the whole day. I have decided to celebrate the wonderful day that is about love in my own company and then later in the company of some of my lovely BFFs. And I have decided to share some ideas of how you can celebrate the 14th February this year whether in your own solitude or around your single ladies.

Picnic: Get together with some of your girls and have a Valentine’s Day themed picnic in a lovely garden accompanied by bottles of bubbly and strawberries. Chill, laugh and listen to some of the best RnB from the 90s and early 2000s, I’m talking about that ‘Nelly – Dilemma’ kind of music.

Movie night: Have PJs movie night in with your girls order boxes of pizza and be sure to buy lots of rosé bottles. Then binge watch all your favourite chick-flick movies which will also coincidently have some of your favourite celebrity crushes.

Spa Day: Spoil yourself with a romantic spa day with the whole package from a manicure, pedicure and facials. You owe yourself that gift, I mean do you know how amazing you are? I thought so. So go on, give yourself that extra credit you deserve it after all.

Host a dinner party: If you’re someone who likes having a large crowd around have a dinner party and play some fun games. Try a Valentine’s Day version of Secret Santa, get people to pick a name out of a box before the dinner party and then on the night of dinner exchange Valentine’s Day gifts.

These are just a few ideas to keep you company on the day when love is in the air.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day,

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