I’m an African punk-rock beauty

I can be anything that I want to be, I don’t live my life according to your values. I live it for me and only me.

So my amazing sister, Esethu asked me to be her muse for one of her many photography projects. The concept of the shoot was inspired by the ‘Art Ho’ movement. Check out the photos below and share your thoughts with me.

The idea of the shoot was to capture the evolved African girl in the modern society. She is someone who adores and respects her African culture and values (represented by the head scarf) but at the same time she also recognises that she has a deep love for the rock n’ roll/indie scene and culture that she has been exposed to while growing up (represented by the denim jacket and pink neon lights). Making a self-discovery of her identity birthing her newly founded being as an “African punk-rock beauty.”

Location: Esethu Khambule’s studio (her bedroom)

Make-up and styling: Aphiwe Khambule

Head scarf: Woolworths

Bodychain: Lovisa

Denim Jacket: Thrift Shop (Asseblief)

Crop Top: Custom made by Shopaholic

Shorts: Boxers from Woolworths



To check out more creative and photography work by Esethu just click on the following link below.



all things nzurifinal1.jpg


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