An Autumn’s Day

So the cold, chilly days are slowly creeping in, in many parts of South Africa. While in other parts of the world are getting out their bikinis and shorts, we are reaching for our coats and scarves. This week I decided to share some Autumn/Winter tips to keep you looking fashionably show-stopping even in the cold. I will also share with you my favourite Autumn/Winter item that I will be rocking this season. I have even accepted that it be circulating between my mother, sister and I non-stop this Winter.

When one thinks of Autumn/Winter only gloomy, cold and dull days come into mind. However this is not an excuse for you to look gloomy and dull. Instead invest in statement, colourful clothing from coats to gloves and even boots. It is no surprise that Ted Baker is a fashion line that is all about bright colours. So when my eyes made contact with the electric-orange Ted Baker coat, I knew it was a must-have item for me this Winter for the cold days ahead. My favourite part of the coat is definitely the floral detail inside the coat. The detail inside brings out the fun and casual feel about the coat without it having to appear to serious. Check the images below to see my latest Winter obsession.

Coat – Ted Baker London

Dress – Mango

Shoes – Mr Price



Fashion Autumn/Winter tips

Fashion in Winter can always be just as fun as in Summer if you experiment with it accordingly. It is all about boots, scarves and layering I will share with you some of the secrets to mastering these Autumn/Winter trends.

Layering – The trick to mastering the layering trend is to make sure that you don’t layer more than three items at once, because it can result in creating a scruffy and untidy look. My favourite layering trend is the turtleneck and coat style and it works for everyone. If you are feeling brave you can also layer on a blazer over the turtleneck top under your coat. So the outcome is turtleneck, blazer and coat. This trend is also a bonus, because it is guaranteed to keep you warm while looking super stylish this Winter.

Scarves – Try investing in abstract pattern scarves and avoid simple, dull scarves this season. Wear it traditionally around your neck or switch up a little by using your scarf as a belt for your jackets and coats.

Boots – Don’t play it safe with boots, because it is boring! Winter is the perfect season which allows you to showcase your boots. Pair your knee-high boots with a gorgeous dress and your ankle boots with a pair of well-fitted jeans.

Want some Autumn/Winter inspiration looks check out the street style from this year’s London Fashion Week and I’m sure you will be left inspired. Just remember to have fun this season with the exciting A/W clothes out there, but also make sure you stay warm at all times.

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