8 Blogging Tips For Beginner Bloggers


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From a very young age I have always been a fan of the blogging world and I have been following blogs such as the Man Repeller, The Blonde Salad and Style Rookie for many years now and I am still obsessed with these blogs today. Earlier this year I decided to try out blogging one last time since now I have a bit more time on my hands. So far it is working out well and I only hope it continues that way. It would not be fair on you guys to start reading my blog and then all of a suddenly I just stop. After two failed blogging attempts I do hope the third time will be the charm and last longer than six months. For those of you who have been reading Nzuri since day one thank you so much and those of you who have just come across it I do hope you’re enjoying it so far.

My love for reading and writing is something I developed as I got older. However my love for fashion is something that has been instilled in me since I was a little girl. My parents were always dressing up and attending high fashion events and watching them have so much fun with clothes made me yearn to somehow be involved in the fashion industry.

The purpose of this blog is to basically to use it as a platform to practise my writing skills and also to engage with people. I want to be a blogger/writer that educates, advises and helps people learn about things from beauty to fashion to health and even self-confidence. I’m not saying I’m the best at all of these things, but I have become comfortable enough to want to share the things I have learned with you.

For aspiring writers and bloggers, to build your blog and help it grow you need to first establish your theme and overall focus of your blog. Find your own writing technique to engage with your audience and bring a different element to the blogging sphere. There is already so much noise in the Internet world, so find your unique voice to stand out in the noise and make yourself be heard.


Since joining the blog community I have learned so many things which have helped me improve my writing techniques and not only be a better blogger, but a better writer. I have decided to share some tips which I think would be beneficial to beginner bloggers or future, potential bloggers and everybody in general looking for ways to stand out in the crowd.

  1. Not everyone is going to agree with what you write, but you are not writing for them. You are writing for yourself and those interested in reading your thoughts and opinions. So basically don’t worry about what people have to say about you or your opinions.
  2. Have your own voice, whether it be for blogging or as a person. Nobody likes anybody who is trying to be someone they are not. Be fun and unique. FIND YOUR VOICE!
  3. Inspiration is everywhere, you just got to concentrate and be more observant when you want to feel inspired. You literally can be inspired by anything or anyone.
  4. It is okay to fail a number of times, as long as you learn from those mistakes and use them to pave your journey of progression.
  5.  Exchange ideas and opinions with other people, ask for help it’s okay and it’s perfectly fine. Asking for help does not mean you are weak, it simply means you are open-minded and willing to learn, so swallow the pride. You can’t always get to the top on your own and once you are there be that person who helps others to get there as well.
  6. Share the things you write everywhere and on every social media platform, people cannot read your work if you’re not putting it out there for them to read.
  7. Be patient, you will not gain a following overnight it takes time and also you should be blogging/writing because you’re passionate about it, not because you want a following.
  8. Always find room for improvement, find what works and what doesn’t be open to criticism and use it to help improve your writing.

 So let’s all engage and learn from each other. If you have not liked my Facebook page yet, pretty please go and click that like button. If you have any questions relating to blogging, just leave your question in the comment section.

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