How to blend it with the Baby Blender


Okay, I know I’m no make-up artist or professional beautician but I do know a thing or two about make-up and its products. This week I want to share one of my favourite make-up/ beauty product with you and tips on how to use it and care for it.

I can safely say I completely understand the obsession over the beauty blender. Although I do not own the original beauty blender as they are quite difficult to find in South Africa. The Urban Beauty United (UBU) Baby Blender works just as perfectly and flawlessly. For my South African readers you can purchase your own UBU Baby Blender at any Clicks store for only R125. Which is a reasonable price in comparison to the original Beauty Blender which goes for R250 and that’s excluding shipping. Yikes!

How to Use: When it comes to using the baby blender or beauty blender it is not like using a normal make-up sponge. First thing you do before using your blender is make sure it is damp NEVER use the blender dry because it will absorb whatever you are applying and leave your face blotchy. So hold it under a tap of running water until it starts swelling up and after that make sure to squeeze out all the excess water before using it.

I like using my blender for literally everything from applying my moisturiser, concealer, foundation and powder. When applying any of the products with the blender I make sure not to wipe it on my face or not to vigorously rub it on my face. I would recommend dabbing it in circular motion (light dabbing movements to create a flawless look). When I get to the areas around my eyes and nose I tend to use the point tip to blend the make-up in those areas.


How to care: When caring for my precious blender I like to wash it immediately after I finish using it unless it is one of those ‘busy’ mornings. Some people like using soap and water when cleaning their blenders, for me I prefer rinsing my blender with my facial wash and water then leaving it out to air dry. The reason I use my facial wash instead of soap is just to prevent any unwanted pimples that maybe caused by using soap and to kill any bacteria.

Tips for using a beauty blender: Applying make-up using a blender instead of normal foundation or powder brushes is amazing, because it does not leave you with brush strokes or unevenly applied make-up. The blender is also perfect for applying foundation in areas such as the eye area to hide those dark circles.


My everyday make-up products that I use for my face as seen in the above image:

Foundation: Iman Luxury Radiance Liquid Make-up

Concealer:  Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream from The Body Shop

Powder: Studio Fix from MAC

For next week’s blog post I’ll be writing a review on each of the make-up products that I use for my face and I’ll also be sharing with you how you can to make your own nude matte lipstick. So follow, subscribe or like my Facebook page so you don’t miss it!


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