Take Me Away to Coachella



Take me away to Coachella Style Look

So the first weekend of Coachella has come and gone, but the next weekend is also guaranteed to be another show-stopping, fashionable weekend. Since I can’t attend Coachella for the next 10 years of my life I can only imagine myself being there and dancing the day and night away to some of my favourite bands and artists.

The most exciting thing about Coachella besides the music and festivities is the fashion. Just because I am not there it does not stop me from daydreaming of all the wonderful outfits I could rocking during the two consecutive weekends of the music festival. To those of you who are attending the event, I’m super envious of you and to anyone looking for inspiration for future music festivals that they will be attending, once again I’m super envious of you. Nonetheless I am still willing to share with you some fashion tips and looks for all you lovely, boho, festive ladies.

When we think of festivals especially outdoor, concert-like ones we tend to think wild, flower crowns and soft-grunge ankle boots. There is nothing wrong with this and if you’re a fan of any of the mentioned items go ahead and rock them. It’s just when everyone is wearing the same thing it tends to get boring and redundant.

So instead opt for the chill, girly and boho look without having to wear the overly-done flower crowns and crotchet tops or dresses (check out the looks of Kendall Jenner and Taylor Hill). There are some many accessories you can include in your outfit from body chains to arm/hand cuffs. Simplicity is key, you can never go wrong with a simple and straight-forward look. Music festivals are all about that 70s vibe so think Woodstock and Glastonbury in the 1970s, the flare jeans and skirts, tassels/fringes and off the shoulders ruffle tops.

I have picked my favourite look, if I were to be attending Coachella keeping it very minimalist in white and traditional 70s denim style by adding a modern twist with the plum lips to add some character to the overall look. Mastering the “hippie” style is pretty simple, the trick is you basically need to mix and match the right mainstream trends so they compliment each other to make your style work for you.

Style look/ style inspiration for Coachella
White crop top – Chic Wish
Flare demin skirt -ZAFUL
Boho summer hat -Lulus
Sunglasses – Very Exclusive
Fringed textured leather bag – DVF (Diane von Furstenberg)
Arm cuff – Windsor Store
Sandals – Billabong
Lipstick – Smashbox (Plum Role Matte -Dark Plum)
all things nzurifinal1

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