How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Photo taken from Pinterest and processed with VSCO using G3 preset.

 A few people have been wanting to know me how and what I use to edit my photos. First  of all most of my photos I take using my iPhone, sometimes now and then I will use a Nikon D5000 camera, so basically my two gadgets are my iPhone and Nikon camera. When it comes to editing my photos I edit them the same way no matter what gadget I used to take the photo.

My Instagram feed has a particular colour palette that I try as often as I can to stick to. Although I normally fail at that I do try to ensure that my photos usually have an earthly colour tone appearance. My favourite photo apps at the moment are definitely VSCOCam, Pixlr and Font Candy.


Before: I hadn’t edited the photo yet and I wanted to make the photo pop more by adding colour and contrast.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

After: Edited using VSCOCam and processed with G3 preset.

Pixlr: This is an app that is perfect for fixing any shadows or for brightening a photo. When editing on Pixlr I love playing around with the app and I will usually use it to edit the contrast, brightness or exposure of my photos. I won’t add filters from Pixlr, I just use it to ‘fix’ my photo (that sounds so wrong). Sometimes I will only edit it on Pixlr and upload my photo straight onto Instagram that’s how great this app is.

VSCOCam: VSCOCam is the photo editor of the century, to the amazing person who came up with this brilliant app thank so much from every Instagram user. Definitely an Instagram favourite, everyone who has Instagram most probably knows about VSCOCam, if you don’t download it will change your photos forever. I love the filters on VSCOCam although they can sometimes be a bit too harsh on the photo. I tend to never use a filter at full blast but try keep it halfway so between 5 or 6 and my favourite filters are G3 and C1.

Font Candy: This app is perfect if you’re wanting to had some cool typography overlay on your photo without it looking fake or just horrible. I love the fonts and the various styles that you can use on your photo to write a cool message or quote. This app is definitely one of my favourites for when I want to add cool text overlay on any photo whether it be mine or taken from tumblr. 

ADVICE: Editing photos is fun and there are so many filters, styles and overlays that one can play around with until they find something that works. But just remember to NOT over edit a photo because it ends up looking unauthentic and takes away from the originality of the photo.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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