Tips On How To Deal With Anxiety


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Dealing with anxiety is no joke and I’m sure most people like myself deal with it. But some of us have just learned how to deal with our anxiety better than others. Anxiety makes you lose focus in everything you do whether it be schoolwork, work or recreational activities. We don’t all deal with the same kind of anxiety but whatever anxiety it is you can manage it. It takes time, but you will eventually get to the stage of being okay just don’t push yourself too hard.

Maintain a positive attitude: Try make an effort to suppress those negative thoughts when they resurface the mind. Anxiety tends to make you think worse of a situation, try not let that happen. Rather remain positive as much as you can and if that fails, over-exaggerate the situation (I know it’s pretty bizarre) so when it does happen you realise it is not as bad as your thoughts made it seem.

Always do your best: Instead of aiming for perfection, which isn’t possible, be proud of however close you get. Take it one step at a time, as long as you are trying you are already doing your best.

Take time out for yourself: When I can feel the anxiety and stress getting to me in a situation I tend to hum random songs to myself, it helps me to remain focus and calm. Find something that works for you to get your mind off the stress or to stop you from overthinking. It can be anything from reading to listening to music, to doing mediation or drawing as long as you find your element of comfort and tranquility.

Accept you can’t control everything: You can’t control how someone will feel about you or how a particular conversation will go. When anxiety or stress gets to you in social situations, just think to yourself: is it really as bad as you think? And I’m sure most of the time you will realise it is not that bad.

Talk to someone: Confide in a friend or family member who understands. I wouldn’t suggest talking to someone who doesn’t understand anxiety, because they will usually tell you ‘stop stressing’ or ‘you’re being dramatic’ which is easy for them to say, since they aren’t the ones dealing with the anxiety. Rather talk to someone who will be patient with  you when the anxiety takes over, someone who will encourage you and keep you relaxed. Talking is one of the best things you can do for yourself, it really does make things better. If you feel you need professional help, please do go seek it and there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

Just remember to always eat clean, stay active and stay away from the caffeine. Most importantly get some sleep and always look for a good laugh.

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