That 70s Style

So this season flared jeans are back in style and to be honest I have never really been a huge fan of the flare but it has somehow grown on me and I am now officially obsessed with the style! I even purchased my very first pair and it has quickly become my latest favourite item in my closet, followed closely by my orange Ted Baker coat (check out the post on it). Thank goodness we have left the skinny jeans craze and we are now moving onto better and more chic denim, the 70s style has never looked so good.

Details about my look:  

White shirt -Thrift shop (Durban) | High Rise Flared Jeans – Woolworths | Boots – H&M

trends4 flared jeans

trends31_flared jeans

Flared Jeans from the Studio.W by Woolworths.

trends2_flared jeans

Tips for wearing flared jeans

Shoes: Boots, heels and sneakers are the perfect shoes to pair up with your flared jeans. I wouldn’t suggest you wearing pumps or sandals with your  flared jeans, especially if they are too long and wide due to the simple fact that you might trip on your jeans. So heels and wedges are the best combo for flared jeans they even make your legs appear longer and slimmer.

Coats: Don’t be afraid to wear a coat over you flared pants it won’t do any harm to your overall look. Instead it will only enhance your look, but if you’re not the coat kind of person you can simply switch it up by wearing a leather jacket or blazer.

How to rock it: Don’t be afraid to rock flared jeans this season, you can rock a smart look by simply wearing a formal shirt with cute strappy heels or you can keep it boho chic with a crochet top/ flared arm shirt.

Find the perfect pair: If you have never purchased a pair of flared jeans or not sure if flared jeans are for you, do try out high rise flared jeans. High rise flared jeans are perfect for everyone.

trends1 flared jeans

The pictures were taken by the amazing Nontobeko Gumede her website is currently under construction, but do keep a lookout for this young, talented lady.

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