DIY: Makeup Setting Spray

You know when you apply your makeup and it is just on point, but then you don’t have setting spray to keep that radiant look throughout the day. Well I decided to make my own makeup setting spray, so I can save money to buy more makeup. I did this by reading different articles and researching what works best and what doesn’t. I finally found a method that I think works well which I’ll be using for as long as I am wearing makeup.

The secret ingredients are just roses and glycerine, I have been using my home-made makeup setting spray for about two weeks now and I must say it works like any other setting spray. I was rather impressed with the results because my makeup did last for a while on my face. So I have decided to share this newly home-made, life-changing DIY with all you beautiful people. Even if you don’t wear makeup on the regular, you can use the spray as a mist to keep your face hydrated in all seasons.


  1. One rose ( preferably from a garden.)
  2. Water.
  3. *Glycerine
  4. A spray bottle.

*For my South African readers you can find glycerine at Clicks stores for only R15.95 and you can use glycerine for almost anything, this little bottle is pretty magical.

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Step 1: Wash your rose petals thoroughly and once you have thoroughly washed them place them in a pot. Fill the pot water and make sure the rose petals are fully covered by the water.

Step 2: Boil the water  for 5 – 10 minutes or until it starts boiling. 

Step 3: Once the water starts boiling switch off the stove and then steam the rose petals in the pot. 

Step 4: Steam the rose petals until they lose their colour (make sure when you’re steaming them that pot lid is closed at all times.) Once the colour is gone strain the mixture and place the water into the fridge, let it cool overnight before using it.

Step 5: Before adding the rosewater into the spray bottle add 3 – 5 teaspoons of glycerine into your spray bottle and then fill it up with the rosewater.

Step 6: Hold the spray bottle upside down and let the glycerine rise up to the top, after that shake the bottle so that everything mixes well.

And viola, you have your own makeup setting spray! It’s almost unbelievable how easy it is.

*Always refrigerate the setting spray for it to last longer. I would recommend you remaking your setting spray after two weeks, and no you don’t always need roses.

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In my opinion I think the setting spray worked well and my make up was fresh throughout the whole day. However, after using for the setting spray for about two weeks it didn’t seem to have the same effects, so I made a new setting spray. This time only using filtered water and glycerine. Once again I added about 3- 5 teaspoons of glycerine and then filled the spray bottle with water. Personally I prefer this method it’s much quicker and should last longer in comparison to rosewater, but obviously rosewater has more benefits than just plain water for the skin.

I hope you found this DIY helpful and interesting, do share your suggestions with me or try it out and let me know how it worked for you.

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