5 Items You Should Carry In Your Handbag

Deciding what to carry around with you in your daily bag can be one of the most difficult decisions you have to make. To be honest you’ve probably convinced yourself that everything is important from the two pairs of sunglasses to the extra pair of earphones when you only need one pair of everything, because in reality you don’t need all that extra weight in your handbag.

I am guilty of this behave as well, but I seem to be getting better, the more I learn about what I need and don’t need. I thought I would share with you some items I think you should carry so that you have a lighter and more convenient handbag. You should focus on carrying daily essentials which you’ll probably use on an everyday basis.

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There are FIVE items I would suggest that every person carries around in their handbags whether it is your daily handbag or your special occasion bag:

Sunglasses: Whether it is in the Summer or Winter you will always need a pair of sunglasses (preferably black sunglasses, because they can go with any outfit) to protect you from the harsh sunlight during the day. There’s nothing worse than walking around squinting your eyes all because you forget to pack sunglasses. Don’t be that person.

Lipstick, lipbalm or lipgloss: The need for lip care products in your handbag is self-explanatory. It is simply to protect yourself from having unhealthy and dry lips, so to keep your lips looking healthy always carry something for them.

Sweets or bubblegum: Good sweets or a pack of bubblegum is great to pop into your mouth for a refreshing feel at any time of the day.

Book: Keeping a book in your bag is a great way to encourage yourself to keep reading and that way you can get closer to completing your reading list. Whenever you’re waiting in the car, at a restaurant or a bus stop you can simply just take out your book and keep yourself occupied.

Sample perfume: Having a perfume in your bag is great when you need to freshen up during the day. Or worst case scenario, if you forget to put perfume on in morning it will definitely come in handy having the sample in your handbag.

What other items do you think are essential to carry in your handbag? Let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to like and follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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