It’s a Grey Matter: The Dos and Donts of Athleisure

Athleisure is the latest fashion trend that is taking over the world and is easily become a crowd favourite for all fashion lovers. It is a fun, fashionable and comfortable style to rock and play around with as a casual look. The style athleisure is all about transforming activewear clothing into everyday outfits that are perfect for the office, lunch dates or for running errands.

I am not really a girl who follows trend, but some trends are undeniably hard not to follow especially when they fit perfectly with my everyday life. I can’t stop wearing my grey two-piece that was a gift from my father while he was on a business trip in China. The shorts are so comfortable to work out in and as soon as I’m done with my daily workout, I simply throw on the top and the look is performance wear ready for the day ahead. To make the look more fashionable I pair it up with a leather jacket and a simple watch, I don’t think there is a need to over accessorise with this type of style.

Details of my look

Grey two-piece : DGNR | Leather jacket: Traffic Live | Choker: Topshop | Watch: Bering | Black sunglasses: Cotton On | Gold reflectors: Utopia on Ebay | Shoes: Adidas Yeezy Boost 350



With the athleisure trend one needs to be careful that they don’t look like they just came out of the gym, there are certain ways to rock your athleisure look without looking sloppy and owning it as your style.

Here are five rules that I think you should consider when trying to aim for the perfect athleisure look and style:

Mix and match fashion and activewear pieces – Athleisure is all about mixing and matching your fashion and sports clothing items. So pairing an Adidas hoodie with a cute maxi skirt can work so well and look so effortless.

Accessorise accordingly and appropriately – There is no need to accessorise hectically with this style, keep your accessories minimalist and simply, if you are an earrings person hoop earrings can look great or add a chic handbag to your afternoon outfit, but too many accessories can kill your look.

Don’t be afraid to layer your outfits – Oversize clothes will work great for this style, think loose tank tops, hoodies and loose-fitting tops. Layer them over shorts, leggings or yoga pants with a cardigan, bomber jacket or leather jacket to complete the casual look.

Stick to neutral colours – Greys, whites, and blacks are ideal colour palettes it makes it easier to transform your look from gym to streetwear effortlessly. But as you get more comfortable with the style you can gradually add bright pieces and patterns to make your look more versatile.

Swap your heels and pumps for sneakers and trainers –  Now you have the perfect excuse to wear your trainers outside of the gym. There is no such thing as having too many pairs of trainers let alone shoes. Plus trainers are comfortable and super stylish!


Now I think you’re ready to tackle and add your own touch to your athleisure style. Also don’t forget to like ‘All Things Nzuri’ on Facebook and invite all your friends to like the page for lifestyle tips and DIYs. As soon as we reach 500 likes there we will a special giveaway for all you amazing people.

Photos taken by Esethu Khambule check out her new Tumblr to see some of her most recent work.

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