Make A Statement In A Skirt

I’m not the type of girl who is into clothes that are heavily textured, printed or patterned. Instead I prefer keeping my sense of style very solid and minimal. However, once in a while you have got to buy that show-stopping item for your closet. It might be a risky buy at first, but it will surely turn heads when you walk by and that’s exactly how I feel about my ‘Alphabet’ statement skirt by South African designer Anisa Mpungwe for Mr Price.


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Winter Skincare Routine And Tips

A change of season often leads to the change of doing things from the way you dress, to the activities you do and to how you treat your skin. Winter days mean making sure that you keep the skin and face hydrated at all times. I know Winter is almost coming to an end and I should have shared this secrets way before, but it’s never too late. Winter will be back again next year and these tips will still be very much relevant.

My skin type is what I would consider  being a combination/normal. Meaning it is both oily and dry, so because of the cold it means on some areas, in particular my face I need to moisturise it more than I would during the dewy Summer days.

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African Extracts Rooibos Purifying Products: Dual-action moisturiser, Toner and 3-in-1 Wash, Scrub and Mask.

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Current Favourite Makeup: All Things Gold and Nude

I’m basically loving all things nude, gold and brown this season. I’ll probably still be obsessing over these colours come Summertime as well. I love how these colours can look absolutely flawless and mesmerising on every skin tone. All of my current favourite makeup that comes in all shades of gold, brown and nude are from drugstores. Makeup from drugstores has got to be a favourite for everyone because this is where you can find the best, the prettiest and the most fresh makeup at the most affordable prices.

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Fashion Trend: Sleepwear Street Style

So I’m sure we’ve all once in lives been tempted to go shopping in PJs to buy some milk for our coffee or sugar for our cup of tea. But it’s always only been thought until now, celebrities are rocking their sleepwear as casual wear on the streets and on the red carpet meaning it is officially the norm for everybody else as well.

This sleepwear trend has been around for quite a while now, but it is soon making its way back as trend favourite. People like Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Ciara have been made rocking PJs in public an effortless and sexy look. And can I just say I’m so in support of this fashion trend all the way.

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10 Reasons To Love And Celebrate Being A Woman

Being a woman can be tough sometimes, we are always having to prove ourselves to the world. People constantly try rain on our parade and bring us down, but they forget that we are indestructible and hard as a rock, so we cannot be easily taken down. God made us people with super-natural powers to conquer the world in skyscraper heels and still manage to survive labour pains.

For some of my readers who may not know today is National Women’s Day in South Africa a public holiday that is celebrated annually on 09 August. It is a day that commemorates when over 20 000 women marched to the Union Buildings to protest against ‘pass laws’ in 1956. Women of all races came together in unity to protest this law and stood together as a sisterhood fighting for the rights and freedom of black South Africans. A phrase from one of the protest songs sang by the women “wathint’ abafazi, wathint’ imbokodo” (you strike the women, you strike the rock) has become an iconic statement for South African women representing their strength and courage, however, this statement is iconic for every woman who is the boss of her own life.

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Image by Aphiwe Khambule

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5 Interior Design Tips For A Productive Workspace

Having a productive workspace is important for anyone who prefers working from home or works at home. I try to at least to update and re-design my workspace three times a year by rearranging my desk, the decor and the colour scheme.

This year for my post-graduate year I moved into a small, one-man place and my first impression of this place was pretty disappointing, it had a very cold and unwelcoming atmosphere. I knew right then and there that MY personal touch was much needed since I would be living in this place for a whole year. It needed to be a place I love, because I would be coming home to it everyday. Finding inspiration to redesign my new home was so difficult at first and my budget also didn’t allow me to create my home the way I had envisioned it.


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