5 Interior Design Tips For A Productive Workspace

Having a productive workspace is important for anyone who prefers working from home or works at home. I try to at least to update and re-design my workspace three times a year by rearranging my desk, the decor and the colour scheme.

This year for my post-graduate year I moved into a small, one-man place and my first impression of this place was pretty disappointing, it had a very cold and unwelcoming atmosphere. I knew right then and there that MY personal touch was much needed since I would be living in this place for a whole year. It needed to be a place I love, because I would be coming home to it everyday. Finding inspiration to redesign my new home was so difficult at first and my budget also didn’t allow me to create my home the way I had envisioned it.


Via – Pinterest.

After my parents came to town and criticised my unwelcoming ambience, they pushed me to decorate my house. We drove up to Port Elizabeth, small town in the Eastern Cape and with the low-budget I had, I cleaned out Mr Price Home and bought all that I could buy. I even turned to second-hand pages on Facebook for potential decor items. At the end of interior decor retail therapy I had so many cushions, pot plants and mats. My favourite item in my house is definitely my second-hand white, retro couch which will probably own for the rest of my life.

Retro white couch – Edited via VSCOCam

For some of you who have already entered that step of adulthood and for those who may not necessarily be there yet, nonetheless, interior decor tips are definitely beneficial for all of us, especially since we can’t yet afford our own personal interior designers. These tips should definitely change the vibe of your room or workspace.

1. Choose a theme/colour scheme – How you want the mood or ambience to be in your room all depends on the type of styles or colours that you choose. I prefer using colours as an overall theme selection, but colours that are not too bold or wild but neutral, clean colours that can work in all seasons of the year. The main colour for my room is yellow, while my dressing area is white and my bathroom is shades of purple. These are not only some of my favourite colours, but also colours which create different atmospheres for different areas in my room. Yes, my white towels and mats can get very dirty from the makeup but I always make sure I soak and wash them every two weeks.

2. Create a room with enough space – Less is always more and that goes for interior design as well. Don’t create a space that ends up becoming too much. Always re-arrange your space or home so that you have space to move around and do things. You don’t want to feel claustrophobic in your personal space.

3. Work from a position with natural lighting – If you’re wanting to set up a desk, I would recommend setting it up where you can get natural light to come into the room, it will definitely help with improving productivity and it’s a perfect spot to get those well-lit Instagram snaps.

4. Get flowers or pot plants for your room Pot plants and flowers are always great decor accessories for your space. They always add colour and vibrant to the overall area, I prefer getting fresh flowers for my room. I love having fresh flowers just for the fresh smell they bring and the colour they add. Get a cute vase and add some cute flowers in your room, so it’s always feels like Spring.

5. Create a mood board or pin board with quotes or pictures – Have pictures and quotes that will motivate you to keep going and pushing. Whether it be motivational quotes or pictures of your family and friends.  Complete your working space by adding that personal touch.

Designing and playing around with interior decor can be so much fun. You learn so many new things. So let the interior designer in you have some fun and re-design your space in a way that’s you. You don’t have to go buy new things, just play around with what you have, re-arrange and change things around and it will create a whole new ambience.

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