10 Reasons To Love And Celebrate Being A Woman

Being a woman can be tough sometimes, we are always having to prove ourselves to the world. People constantly try rain on our parade and bring us down, but they forget that we are indestructible and hard as a rock, so we cannot be easily taken down. God made us people with super-natural powers to conquer the world in skyscraper heels and still manage to survive labour pains.

For some of my readers who may not know today is National Women’s Day in South Africa a public holiday that is celebrated annually on 09 August. It is a day that commemorates when over 20 000 women marched to the Union Buildings to protest against ‘pass laws’ in 1956. Women of all races came together in unity to protest this law and stood together as a sisterhood fighting for the rights and freedom of black South Africans. A phrase from one of the protest songs sang by the women “wathint’ abafazi, wathint’ imbokodo” (you strike the women, you strike the rock) has become an iconic statement for South African women representing their strength and courage, however, this statement is iconic for every woman who is the boss of her own life.

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So here are ten reasons to remind you exactly why you are a phenomenal woman and why your existence should be celebrated everyday.

  1. We can conquer the world in 8 inch heels and still be at the top of our game. 
  2.  Women get to enjoy a wide variety of wardrobe choices from dresses, to skirts and pants.
  3.  Sisterhood is a real thing, as women we have the best friends who literally become sisters to us and they are always there for us whenever we need someone to share a bottle of wine with.
  4.  We are better listeners, just ask our girlfriends who have listened to our endless stories.
  5.  We are super smart and we are always having to prove that by always finding ways to excel past our male counterparts.
  6. Beyonce is a woman, and she publicly claimed that girls run the world. That counts as a reason, right?
  7. You can cup your boobs any time you want and not feel weird about it. Also, there is just something awkwardly, comfortable about cupping dem boobies.
  8. Champagne, wine and tea parties – these are always the perfect excuses to have some fun!
  9.  Makeup is part of our daily regime and we get to play with it in many different ways. Contour the one day and red lipstick another day.
  10. We have the ability to create new life and raise a new human being. If that’s not reason to love and celebrate your womanhood I don’t know what is.

So Happy Women’s Day to all my South African readers and to every woman across the world thank you for being the ‘sheroes’ that you are.

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