Fashion Focus: Eurshanie Nicasia

If you’re looking for that extra motivation this week or reminder as to why you need to keep going and don’t stop. Well, I think I might just have the perfect solution for that. I am currently crushing on Eurshanie Nicasia, I’ve been following this humble, inspiring woman for the longest time. When she agreed to share with me some of her tips for being a dream chancer and goal-driven person, I knew I had to share the secrets with you beautiful people.

For those of you who don’t know Eurshanie, she is a female entrepreneur who is the owner and founder of the sophisticated and minimalist fashion brand ChiqueBoss. The clothes are so simply yet mega show-stopping, that you are sure to get heads turning.

Get to know Eurshanie better and discover some of her current favourite ‘it’ items in her store, in the short and yet highly motivating interview below.


Tell us who Eurshanie Cassie is?

I am a young entrepreneur that lives in Holland who loves everything that has to do with fashion, girl stuff, following your dreams and enjoying life to the fullest.

How do you stay so motivated and inspired?

I stay motivated because of my followers! They give me so much love and respect that stopping is just not an option. And I try to motivate myself by reading, watching interviews from entrepreneurs, talking to people with knowledge about what I am doing and if something bothers me I will talk to one of my people (friends/fam) about it so it doesn’t stick in my head.

What was the inspiration behind ChiqueBoss?

Myself and the life I wish to live. I want to be a successful young stylish woman who inspires others by her drive, ambition, strength and courage. For a lot of my followers I am already on this point (and I really appreciate this), they really look up to me. But I know that there is a lot more in me that I can achieve. And I am working everyday to achieve that.

What goals and visions do you have for your brand?

I want to steal every woman’s heart in this world with my brand. I want to touch people and give them strength to be who they are and give them the feeling that they can do whatever they want in life!

How would you define a ChiqueBoss babe?

Feminine, strong, humble, honest, classy, ambitious, driven. Someone who works hard for her dreams and goals. Someone who travels the world and meets a lot of new people. Someone who learns new stuff everyday. Someone who tries to be the best version she can be. Someone who is free of hate and insecurities.

What would you say makes ChiqueBoss stand out from other different fashion brands?

I must say ‘Me’…. I am the core of the brand and I try to inspire others with my knowledge. If you implement personality into your brand then that’s your strength and uniqueness.

What would you say is the must-have item from ChiqueBoss at the moment?

The ‘Dress So Sexy Dress’ and the ‘Viola Bandage Dress’.

What ChiqueBoss babes inspire you? (Who are your inspirations?)

I look up to Olcay Gulsen owner of Supertrash. She is amazing. And to Nitin Passi owner of Missguided. Also Oprah, Madonna, Beyonce, Rihanna and the list goes on and on hahaha. Almost every successful women out there that is doing her thangggg by being herself and is following her dream and is inspiring others.

How do you encourage creative thinking for your brand?

I am really struggling with that because I work alone at the moment. I really want to share my thoughts so I need to get me some interns to brainstorms with very soon. That time will come though! At this moment I just follow my intuition everyday and do what feels right for me at that moment. I don’t plan anything. I really need to start doing that. 😀

Where do the great ideas come from for ChiqueBoss?

They come when I am laying in bed, during conversations with others, when I take a shower. In the strangest places and moments. They just appear in my mind and / or heart. I’m really good at listening to my intuition and I’m so thankful for that. That is what made me capable of doing what I am doing.

What tips or advice do you have for someone wanting to start their own fashion brand or fashion store?

Don’t think too much. Just do it!

What is the biggest lesson do think someone can learn from your experiences in life?

To be themselves in every purest form and learn to accept themselves the way they are and to be strong and work hard and believe in themselves that they can achieve anything they want.

What is your favourite quote?

‘Success is something you attract by the person you become.’ – Jim Rohn

Describe yourself using a song lyric or a song?

Bob Marley – I wanna Love You

Pictures of some of the exquisite clothes you can find on the ChiqueBoss web shop. Images taken from Eurshanie’s  ChiqueBoss Instagram page (@chiqueboss) follow her Instagram to see the latest clothes in stock and to get that daily dosage of motivation from the boss lady.

Click here to check out her ChiqueBoss web shop and prepare to fall in love with basically everything.

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