Strobing (Highlighting) 101 Tips

I am no makeup artist, but I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m the worst when it comes to makeup. I still know how to beat my face when necessary and with the practice  I must my makeup game is slowly improving. However,  I must admit I’m still very faulty and I have never really been able to the master the whole contouring technique. Alas, makeup artists and vloggers have come to our rescue and showed us that you don’t have to slay by knowing how to contour. Instead strobing (highlighting) is the new and best way to get those facial features popping. I must admit strobing is way better than contouring for me, because it is a more natural and stunning way of highlighting a person’s gorgeous facial features.

“So, what is strobing? Strobing is actually not a new technique; it’s been around in the makeup game for many years—you might know it as highlighting. Strobing is basically highlighting to the extreme and letting the highlight define your facial features without the use of bronzer or contour. The main goal for strobing is to concentrate a highlight on the highest points of your face, where light would naturally hit, to create a “glow from within” dewy, radiant complexion.” – Elaine Barnett (The EVERYGIRL)

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Quick tips for getting that instant golden glow:

  1. Don’t be afraid to use that highlight, the more intense the better the results. I would suggest using a fan brush to apply the highlight, however if you don’t have one a blush or bronzer brush works just as well!
  2. Once you have applied an intense amount of highlight don’t forget to blend it with the rest of your face and makeup. You don’t want to walk around looking you just rolled in a box of glitter (although that does sound pretty amazing, I don’t think it’s a great look for anyone.)
  3. Highlight the areas that naturally get hit by the sun so that’s the front of your forehead, your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and chin. This will enhance your natural features and make them look more sculpted and defined.
  4. Pick a highlight that best complements your skin tone, so it gives you a more natural and sheen finish look.
  5. For a dewy and natural glow finish hydrate and moisture your face more than you usually would, then simply add your foundation and finish it off with the your perfect highlight or illuminator. 

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There are so many great highlights or illuminators that you can use. Sometimes eyeshadows can work best as highlights, if its pigmentation is strong. However, I must say the hype around the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glowkit is completely understandable. My mom was recently in Dubai and could not help herself and just had to purchase one of the glowkits and she got ‘That Glow’ Anastasia Glowkit.

The glowkit comes in four natural, gold colours. As you can see from the swatches I have provided from top to bottom the colours are Sunburst, Golden Bronze, Bubbly and Dipping in Gold. My personal favourite from the Glowkit is ‘Dipping in Gold.’ It has a gold, deep bronze finish and therefore is the best colour that complements my skin tone giving it that natural golden finish.

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Do you have any favourite highlights that you would recommend? A girl can never have too many highlights for her makeup collection. Or better yet, any strobing tips that you would like to share to help one improve their highlighting game.


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