Clicks Face Masks Review and Facial Mask Tips

Taking care of your face is a beauty skill that should come naturally. As we get older simply using water and soap is not adequate enough to maintain your face’s flawless look. With age it has become extremely important to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise the face.

And with Summer just around the corner having a natural, dewy and glowy skin is the new beauty look of the season. I recently tried out some face masks from Clicks and I must say these are going to be my favourite products for the Summer and all year long. I doubt I’ll be using facial sheet masks anymore because the result is obviously not the same.

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The Clicks face masks come in different beauty styles, there is a face mask for almost anything such as a purifying mask, peel-off mask and anti-aging pore refining mask just to name a few. I recently got the apricot exfoliating mask and the chocolate mud mask to try out for my face.

The exfoliating face mask in the apricot flavour (orange packet) is a great exfoliating scrub mask if you’re looking for something that will gently remove dead skin cells and as well unwanted black or white heads leaving you with a clearer skin complexion. The face mask will also leave the skin feeling smooth and super rejuvenated.

The second face mask that I tried from the Clicks range is the chocolate mud mask. The results after using this face mask were just as amazing as using the exfoliating mask. With the chocolate mud mask it helps with deeply cleansing the face leaving the skin  feeling extra soft and nourished.

The Clicks face masks can be purchased at any Clicks around South Africa, one packet costs R22.30 and they all come in a 15ml size. Personally for me I have been able to use and apply each packet twice before finishing it. The face masks are suitable for all skin types whether you have a sensitive, dry or normal skin these masks work for everyone.

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When it comes to using face masks there are some tips and rules that many of us, including myself may not necessarily be aware of. Hopefully these four tips will help you be able to soak in all the benefits when it comes to using at-home face masks.

Steam and hydrate the face – Before using your face mask first wash your face with your daily face wash and pat dry. Once that’s done, before applying the face mask steam your face for 5 – 10 minutes. By steaming your face you open up the pores and allow for the face mask to be more effective when applied removing all the oil and dirt from the face.

Don’t forget your neck – This is a tip that I learned from fashion and beauty blogger Brittany Hampton that I’m trying to remember and implement in my routine. The neck is just as important as the face and prone to aging just like the face. Therefore we cannot neglect the neck, so in future people let’s always remember to apply that face mask on the neck as well.

Always remember to pat dry – After using your face mask always remember to pat dry your face, never vigorously rub your face dry. The face is very delicate so rubbing it dry with a towel can do quite harm to it.

Do not leave the face mask on for too long –  Always leave your face mask on for 15 – 20 minutes and not longer. Leaving it on for longer will not do any good, instead it will be more harmful. The face mask will end up absorbing the natural moisture of your skin drying up your face and leaving it extra dry and nobody wants that.

Now that you have all the secrets and tips for using at-home face masks, you don’t need to book a day at the spa when the spa is right in your home. All you’ll need now is a sexy bath robe, a Clicks face mask or any face mask that works for you and glass of bubbly or white wine to make that me-time extra wonderful.



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