Summer Style: Off-The-Shoulder

Summer has always been my favourite season followed closely by Spring. I just love how everything starts looking more alive as the days get warmer during this time of year from the makeup to the clothes. Trends are so much more fun to follow in Summer with everyone adding their own sense of unique style to a particular fashion trend i.e. the off-the-shoulder.

One of the biggest Spring/Summer trends that has undoubtedly made a mark in the fashion space is the off-the-shoulder style. This trend comes in some many styles either as a shirt, crop top, dress or jumpsuit you pick your choice of style. It has quickly become a definite fashion favourite for most fashionistas and stylists. I have even purchased quite a few cute and sexy off-the-shoulder items that I absolutely can’t wait to rock this coming Summer.

Details about the look:

Off the shoulder crop top – Mr Price | Jeans -Thrifted | Shoes – Legit

Earrings – Lovisa | Watch – Marc by Marc Jacobs


My most recent off-the-shoulder purchase is the Mr Price crop top from the Spring/Summer 2016 range. I absolutely love how the colours of the top create such a summery and spring ambience. The top is a perfect fit for a casual summer’s day  when heading out for lunch or for a night out on the street. I’ll probably be wearing this cute little number more often than I’m suppose too, but who cares clothes were made to be worn.



The best part about this off-the-shoulder trend is that it suits everyone, there is absolutely no excuse as to why you would not want to be rocking this flirty style. Obviously like every other style there are tips that can help one rock their favourite off-the-shoulder item in a flawless and effortless manner.

Here are some quick and easy style tips to help you look sexy in that off-the-shoulder number this Summer:

Accessories – There is no need for accessories when rocking this style, less is always more so keep it minimalist. The off-the-shoulder item is already a form of fashion accessory on its own. However, if you’re someone who does not love having a bare chest you can add a simple choker or chain to complete the look for yourself.

Rock it professionally – The off-the-shoulder style can work as a formal and professional look if the look is created accordingly. Pair your off-the-shoulder top with formal pants and plain strappy heels or for a more girly look you can style the top with a high-waisted flare skirt.

Shoes – This trend works great with any summer shoes. You can do your thang in lace-up sandals, mules or sexy pair of stilettos. As look as you pick a style that works best for you and have fun with it!


What are your thoughts on this year’s biggest fashion trend? Do you think the trend has been overdone or is too versatile to be overdone. I definitely can’t wait for Summer this year so I can finally rock my fun, trendy and bold clothes.

Photos were taken by the talented and beautiful Mosa Kaiser, head over to her Instagram page to see more of her and to see her breathtaking art and photography skills check out her Tumblr.


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