Current Lip Colours For The Summer

As Summer begins to approach in South Africa it means bright and bold lips will be making a seasonal comeback. It is the season that allows one to rock the sassiest lip colours and make a statement. After visiting The Body Shop I came across the most show-stopping and mesmerising matte lip colours that I can’t wait to rock during the Summer.

I’ve always been a fan of The Body Shop and their makeup, because of the cruelty free policy and how it treats my skin so well. The skincare store has recently launched its first matte lip liquid colours. The range includes 12 bright shades with each shade having a rich creamy colour.

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With the increasing demand and love for matte lipsticks it is no surprise that The Body Shop has launched its own matte lip colour range. The three colours that I tested and purchased from the range were Windsor Rose 032 (the nude), Sicily Iris 019 (deep purple) and Tokyo Lotus 024 (pink). I love the colours on my lips they blend perfectly well and don’t create an overly bright and overwhelming look for me. These three lip colours will be part of my daily make-up routine this Summer.

The application of the lip colours is so easy, gliding onto the lips as if you’re applying lipgloss and each lip colour smells absolutely divine. However with the three matte lipstick colours that I have been using I found that they don’t last long. Every time I eat or drink something I always have to re-apply the lip colour, especially with the Sicily Iris 019 matte lipstick. The lipsticks also take a while to dry up to create that matte finish, but when it does eventually dry up it does create a lovely velvety, matte look.

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It is undeniable that most matte lipsticks can dry up one’s lips because of how long they sit on the lips. So here are some key tips to help you wear matte lipsticks all year-long.

Tips for wearing matte lipsticks:

Prep your lips – Always wear a lip primer before applying any kind of lipstick on the lips. It helps to hydrate the lips before applying a lipstick and it also ensures that the matte lipstick stays on longer without cracking.

Line your lips – Apply lip liner before applying the matte lipstick this will help line the lipstick when you apply it. Preventing it from bleeding all over your face and help you create the perfect shape for applying the matte lipstick.

Conceal your lips – When I have applied my matte lipstick, I tend to add a bit of concealer around my lips to make the colour pop. Also it helps to cancel the natural colour of my lips, balancing out everything around the lip area.

Blot your lips – Once having applied the matte lipstick try blot the lips with a piece of tissue to help remove any excess colour and extra shine of the lipstick on the lips.

Have you tried out any of the matte lipsticks from The Body Shop range, if so, what are your thoughts? Or are there any other matte lipsticks that you would recommend? I would definitely love to know.


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