Dripped In Gold

Every year the ‘black girl magic’ just keeps getting better and undoubtedly noticeably. There have been so many ‘wow, it feels good to be a black woman’ moments, although there are still many hurdles to overcome, it is just wonderful seeing black girls and women occupying more spaces than before.

Some of my favourite black girl moments included the release of visuals for ‘Lemonade’ and ‘A seat at the table’ which extruded of some many black pride moments, glorifying the beauty that is black people. While in fashion Lupita Nyong’o and Michelle Obama looked ever so graceful and mesmerising on their individual Vogue covers. And most recently I was ecstatic to hear about Issa Rae receiving a Golden Globe for the relatable and quirky television series, ‘Insecure.’ My goodness there were just so many more black women success moments in 2016, but these are just the few that stood out for me.



Watching black women around me succeed whether I know them personally or not, has been so inspiring. It has motivated me to keep pushing and aim high just like every single one of these women. I was so inspired that I decided to cover myself in golden colours and celebrate being the wonderfully created black woman that I am.

Details about the look:

Makeup: Myself | Crotchet crop top: BohoChic | Bodychain: Lovisa | Earrings: Lovisa

To every black girl you are beautiful and wonderfully made. You are destined for success just like anybody else around you, do not let anyone convince you otherwise. You contain so much golden glitter within you that you need to take the risk of living out that magical dream of yours, that you’re so scared to share. To every single woman there is enough space for each and everyone of us to be who we want to be and to achieve our heart’s desires. You are capable, you are talented and you are remarkable.


To all my  beautiful sisters, no matter the colour of your skin may 2017 be the year that we continue to glow up and shine. Let’s build, love and guide one another and share our success stories.



20 thoughts on “Dripped In Gold

    • This makes me so happy, glad I could give you some inspiration. ❀ and I'll definitely check out your blog love. Have a lovely day and all the best with your blogging journey. πŸ™‚ xx


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