Athleisure 101: California Dreamin’ in the PUMA Cali

Don’t you sometimes wish you could take an athletic outfit and wear it for a brunch date? Or if you could just wear something chic while being comfortable? Well, thanks to the latest trend of athleisure and PUMA you totally can!

I would say my athleisure style is an upscale of chic and comfortability. Which is why this fashion outfit worked so well as a coffee-to-cardio look. The best part about wearing sporty-vibes on the street is getting to style the look with comfortable and stylish sneakers, like the PUMA Cali Colourway.

Gone are the days of wearing oversized t-shirts with running shoes. Take your style to the next level, with these five style tips to help you find your personal athleisure style.

PUMA recently dropped the all-new Cali colourway sneakers which are the definition of style and class. These are the type of sneakers that you can wear from athleisure to certified street-style.

I love how effortlessly minimal the sneakers are, and the detailing of PUMA on the back of the shoes gives it an edgy and sleek signature finish. The Cali colourway are currently available in stores for R1 599 at all PUMA and Side Step stores nationwide.

Here is how you can you add a high-fashion twist to your activewear outfits:

1 Always wear a stylish pair of sneakers:

Adding sneakers to your outfit can take the look from casual to casual-chic. Try to colour co-ordinate your sneakers with a top or jacket to keep the outfit looking cohesive. Plus, it’s a great way to give your feet a well-deserved break from heels.

2 Accessorise appropriately:

Accessorise with the appropriate jewellery pieces. Some of the best ways to accessorise an athleisure outfit is by adding a sleek sports cap, a pair of sporty sunglasses or a stylish backpack. Remember not to overdo it with the jewellery, if you want, a pair of silver or gold hoops always add the perfect street-style to the overall outfit.

3 Play with textures:

You don’t necessarily need to wear all-tight everything. Play around with the textures of clothing, and wear what makes you feel comfortable. You can try pairing leggings with a simple button-up shirt or chunky sneakers with a pair of dungarees.

4 Layer up:

Crop top with a pair of high-waisted jeans is a total vibe. Even a bomber jacket over a skinny leggings is flattering, and basically the most comfortable outfit to wear.

5 Mix function with fashion:

Mix some of your athleisure pieces with regular wardrobe items like jeans or a leather jacket, to create a well-balanced look. When look to purchase your next athleisure pieces, go for items that are stylish but sports-inspired to make sure you create the best on-trend aesthetic athleisure look.

Athleisure is fun to experiment with all season but just remember to keep in mind where you wear your athleisure outfits. Note to self: athleisure vibes are strictly for mimosa-turn-to-hiking dates with friends.

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