Simple Self-Love: A Love Letter From Me to You

February is the month of love, to celebrate all types of love especially the one with yourself.

Self-love and self-discovery is an on-going journey for most of us and some days are harder than others. We aren’t contestants with each other but rather we should fellow supporters, where the prize is your self-worth.

Here is a little love letter from me to you to with some suggestions to help you with your self-love conversation.

I’ve never really been the most confident person but I’m learning every day to become more comfortable in my skin.

In the last two years, I’ve come to learn and love my body the way it is; with my rolls and melanin complexion. Now I hope with these five tips on self-love I can encourage you to be more confident with your own reflection.

Wonderful Ways to Be Kinder to Yourself:

1. Invest in yourself: Relish on who you are and what makes you, you. Take the time to invest in things you love and enjoy, with the people that bring out the best in you. 

2. Forgive yourself: In order to be able to fully love yourself, you must also learn to forgive yourself. It helps you become more self-aware about who you are. When you accept your faults and flaws you learn to develop a stronger sense of self.

3. Enjoy yourself and appreciate your space: Treat yourself with love and importance. Be comfortable with your own presence. Take the time to learn to be comfortable with your thoughts but also remember not all your thoughts should be believed.

4. If you stumble, be your own best friend: We are so quick to be there for other people that we forget to be put ourselves first. I urge us all to rise to the occasion of putting ourselves first.

5. No more comparisons: We are all guilty of it. Browsing through social media and wishing for someone’s else life, instead, let’s use comparison as a form of motivation. Next time try asking yourself what kind of comparisons might be healthy for you to help elevate you as a person.

Let’s learn to be good friends to ourselves just like we are with everyone else. You deserve to be happy and to be loved, in the fabulous words of Queen RuPaul, “if you can’t love yourself how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” 

What does self-love mean you to? How do you practice self-love to encourage a healthy relationship with yourself? Share with me in the comments section.

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