Ultimate Eyelashes Guide: 3 Types of False Eyelashes You Should Know About

We all know that to take your face beat up a notch false eyelashes are the answer. While we love mascara sometimes a pair of false eyelashes will do.

However, the biggest struggle is the number of options that exist. There are so many styles, it can difficult to know which ones to pick for a certain occasion.

I recently received a lovely package from Eyelash Boutique with some of their best lashes from mink to classic eyelashes – there is a style for everywhere.

So if you’re a falsie eyelash beginner, here are the three most common type of lashes you should get familiar with:

Mink Eyelashes

  • These types of eyelashes are made from real hair and are popular for their glam appearance finish.
  • Mink eyelashes are extremely fluffy, lightweight and comfortable to wear for a chic finish to your makeup look.

Sable Eyelashes:

  • The fur from Sable eyelashes comes from the animal called a Sable which exists in most parts of Russia and Serbia. These eyelashes are quite similar to mink eyelashes.
  • They are also the thinnest, softest and most natural-looking type of false eyelashes and create au naturale finish.

Silk/Synthetic Eyelashes:

  • Synthetic eyelashes are usually the least natural-looking lashes. So best to reserve them for special events and occasions.
  • These are go-to lashes when you want to let your eyes make a statement! Plus they are often a much better option if you have thin and fine lashes.

Now that you know the basics of some the eyelashes out there on the market. Don’t be afraid to experiment and play around so you can pick the right pair that works for your eyes.

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