Moments: A Sweet Picnic at The Farm Kitchen in Spier

A relaxing picnic on a lazy, sunny Saturday afternoon is always a great outing experience. It is even more of bonus when enjoyed on a beautiful lawn with a basket packed with fresh and delicious snacks.

Visiting beautiful wine lands around the Western Cape is always on my bucket list. However, I know, it’s getting colder but that doesn’t mean one still can’t live the picnic life. Even in the winter afternoons you can still enjoy the delightful garden views. One picnic spots I recommend for everyone to visit is the Spier Farm Kitchen.

Spier is one of my favourite places to visit in the Western Cape. So when I was blessed with the opportunity to experience the picnic at the Farm Kitchen, I knew I was in for a treat.

Atmosphere: When we arrived at the Farm Kitchen, we were guided to the beautiful lawns and shown our picnic spot. There were comfortable and cosy blankets and pillow already setup for us. The service we received was absolutely five-star quality. Everyone was so sincere and willing to make our experience an unforgettable one.

The recently renovated deli is filled with freshly-picked and organic food, all produced on the farm. The delicious food in the basket tasted just as amazing, as it looked.

Food (Picnic Basket):  At the Farm Kitchen you can pick your own goodies from the deli or you can pre-order a basket filled with delicious natural, organically produced food, for the price of R580. I know, it seems pretty steep but honestly when you unpack the basket you will soon realise, its more than enough.

The food was beautifully packaged, and there was a variety of food choices to choose from. Most which we couldn’t finish in one afternoon. My favourite item from the basket was definitely the coronation chicken with dried apricots and almonds. Everything we ate was bursting with divine flavours.

It safe to say that our picnic experience at Spier Farm Kitchen was one for the books. From Spier’s signature Charndonnay/ Pinot Noir to the stellar ambience, it all was a perfect afternoon. Filled with so much sunshine, smiles and glorious food.

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