5 Skincare Swaps You Need To Make This Winter

While one part of the world is gearing up for summer, we are preparing for winter. It’s officially time to accept that the temperature is dropping which means snuggling, endless cups of tea and switching up the skincare routine. During the colder season I always layer on heavier skin products to avoid that ‘tight’ feeling on the skin.

My main skincare mission during the winter season is to protect my skin from loss of hydration that can lead to cracks and inflammation. If you’re someone with dry or combination skin type, like me. Here are some great ways to combat dehydration and dullness, by switching up your skincare routine, by using gentler and hydrating cleansers rather than exfoliating ones.

Here are five skincare swaps you need to make this winter to help your skin skin deal with the cold:

  1. Swap your oil/ clay facial cleansers for more hydrating and moisturising foam/cream/gel cleansers:
  • Why: In the winter sealing and protecting your skin is the name of the game. In the chillier season the skin tends to lack moisture. Which is why foam and cream cleansers are ideal, because they are packed with moisturising properties that are great for the skin. Plus they won’t strip it of its natural oils.

2. Swap your facial moisturiser for facial oil:

  • Why: Sometimes during the winter your normal evening moisturiser doesn’t do trick, and that’s where a facial oil comes in. It helps to replenish dehydrated skin because how effectively it’s able to deliver essential fatty acids and seal in moisture.

3. Swap your peel facial masks for cream and sheet facial masks:

  • Why: Facial peels are generally amazing products to use on your skin, but some won’t have the same results in the winter. So it’s important to see how your skin behaves in the winter and instead of exfoliating, add hydrating masks to your skincare routine.
  • Pay special attention to how your skin behaves and instead of exfoliating, add on a hydrating mask to make sure your skin retains its moisture levels. Apply one once a week to for full hydration.

4. Swap out the matte lipstick for a hydrating lip balm:

  • Why: Yes, a matte lipstick is fun to apply for a sexier pout but it won’t do any good to your lips. Carrying around a hydrating lip balm or lipstick is key, to prevent loss of moisture to the lips when exposed to the dry wind of winter months.

5. Swap your refreshing facial mist for a hydrating one:

Why: In the afternoon our skin always seems to become dehydrated and dull so to get back up, a hydrating facial mist will do wonders. Especially one that won’t tamper with our makeup but rehydrate and calm irritated skin back its normal naturally glowing self.

Just like how we layer fashion items in the winter, it is also important we do the same when it comes to skincare routine. It will help seal the moisture so that we still have that natural glow, even in the winter.

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