Cotton On 91: Wearing White Jeans the Right Way

It’s no surprise that I’m an avid denim fan and Cotton On has always been my go-to when it comes to stylish denim. Their jeans offer comfortability and they have all-time favourite fits like the high-waisted jeans, the classic skinny and the mid-length.

The brand has always produced fashion forward, quality denim pieces that are designed for the modern fashionista. The attention to detail on the denim pieces in the collection are what sets them apart from others. The best part is that the jeans range between R299 to R699 which sounds perfect and well priced to me. Some of my favourite picks include the Stretch Mom Jean, the Girlfriend Denim Jacket and the Classic Denim Skirt.

See how I’ve styled one of their key denim pieces for Spring below and check out the rest of the range HERE:

Outfit details: Top – Cotton On | Strappy Heels – Cotton On | Top – Cotton On

Spring time is the perfect season for white jeans. There is still a bit of chill in the air so cute and stylish pants are a required item. A white pair of jeans is must-have item for the spring/summer season which you can pair perfectly well with soft and vibrant colours.

Dress them down with a pair of white sneakers, a casual t-shirt, and leather jacket or dress it up with a silk patterned blouse and pair of strappy nude heels.

Here are some great style tips to get right when wearing white jeans:

Go for a classic fit: When considering to add a pair of white jeans in your wardrobe, go for a classic high-waisted pair or the chic skinny jeans. Once you’ve found the right style wear them with a vibrant blouse or top.

Choose the right statement heels: Always try style your white jeans with a pair of neutral coloured shoes like black or nude whether it be heels, boots or sneakers. Wearing heels that are a neutral colour will also help make your silhouette appear taller by elongating your legs (and who doesn’t love that?)

All-white is acceptable: Just like an all-black outfit can be slimming so can an all-white outfit when paired with white jeans. They can be super stylish and are the perfect replacement to an all-black outfit or even blue jeans when you need to hit refresh on your wardrobe.

STYLE SECRET: When drying your white jeans try leaving them out to air-dry instead of machine drying them. To prevent them from losing that white, crisp colour over time.

White jeans — you love ’em, and it’s finally time to embrace ’em.  How do you like to style your white jeans? Will you be adding a pair of white jeans in your wardrobe this spring/summer season?

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