Next-Level Skincare: Lush Naked Range

Earlier this year Lush (one of my favourite beauty brands) released an innovative and forward-thinking range of skincare products. The products all come in a bar form (yes, even the oils) and you have to melt them into your hands and gently massage into the skin to use them. When I heard about the skincare drop I was so excited, and thank you to the Lush team for gifting me with some of the goodies.

The package-free products include a wide range of essential skincare items such cleansing balms, exfoliators and facial oils – offering new and soothing ways to get clear, hydrated, radiant or calm complexion.

The Naked Skincare range is a must-have, and after using the products for a couple of months, I saw the benefits and would recommend that everyone invest in naked skincare. The products are not only super moisturising and soothing but they are also great for the environment because no packaging. I especially love how all the products are created using natural and vegan ingredients.

Skincare Pro Tip: I like using the primer facial oil for extra hydration on its own and then gently massaging the product into my skin using a jade roller.

The skincare range includes products for all skin types from dry skin, to sensitive skin and oily skin. All you need to do is choose products that meet the needs for your skin.

Since I have a complexion that is a combination (oily and dry) I decided to use products that would give me clear and radiant skin but at the same time provide hydration and moisture that my skin needs.

For Glowy Complexion

Gritty Politti is an exfoliating cleansing balm that helped restore my radiance whenever my glow was low. It is enriched with amazing exfoliating fine ground coconut shells which is a natural ingredient that gently scrubs away dead skin. While the rejuvenating seaweed soothes and buffs away dullness.

For Extra Hydration

For moisture-boost, the Amazon Primer did wonders for my skin. It is enriched with an amazing mixture of oils and butters to keep your skin moisturised. The Amazon Facial Primer has softening cupuaçu butter, and moisturising murumuru butter to deliver intense moisture to your skin.

At first, using products with no packaging and having to rub them into my skin was a bit of adjustment for me, but overall I was impressed with the products.

The products can be found online at Lush or in-store at any Lush store. Let me know if you’ll be trying out the new range? If you have tried, let me know how what you thought of it?

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