French Chic Moments: La Lude MCC Estate

Le Lude is surely one of Franschhoek’s most surprisingly low-profile winery and restaurant that is located in the beautiful, small town. The family-owned restaurant and winery is an exquisite, stunning and modern French-inspired boutique spot. It offers a variety of experiences that can enjoy like MCC tasting to a high tea or a classic French lunch at L’Orangerie.

Driving up to the winery at first was a bit of bumpy ride but once you make it, you’re greeted by the most unforgettable and bright architecture building. Le Lude sets themselves apart with their variety of MCC tastings and pairings. I began my time at the estate with the MCC tasting paired with a divine cheese platter – so French, right? We started off with the classic Brut which is an MCC blend of 54% Chardonnay and 46% Pinot Noir creating a refreshing and opulent taste for the palate. Then moving onto the Brut Rose that is 35% Chardonnay and 65% Pinot Noir which also bursts with remarkable flavours.

Atmosphere: The estate itself is a picturesque landscape the moment you enter. My favourite part of the estate was definitely the chic and aromatic rose garden that makes for the perfect relaxing spot for the summer days while sipping away on a glass of MCC. 

Decor: I loved everything about the interior of the place from the aesthetic pleasing bathroom to the minimalist and all-white patio. Inside the estate the decor has an elegant feel met with a contemporary touch.

Food and Drinks: I can’t really comment on the food since we didn’t actually take a moment to have lunch but I can say that the cheese platter pairing with the MCC tasting was a refreshing and divine experience. Was it worth it? Yes, it was. Would I do it again? Totally!! The magic of having the blends of the Brut and Rose come together so beautifully with the crackers and cheese was simply amazing.

Overall impression: I honestly found no fault at this stunning estate, it was definitely worth the drive out of town, and I’m looking forward to exploring more hidden gems in this beautiful town of Franschhoek. Definitely a well-deserved 9/10 (only because it is quite a pricey). Other than that, it is definitely a place worth visiting.

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