A Complete Guide To Exfoliating: Chemical and Physical

Exfoliating is a great step to incorporate into your skincare routine to help deep clean your pores and remove any dead skin for a more smoother and even tone complexion. However, it also important to keep in mind that over-exfoliating is also a thing or using an exfoliator that is not suitable for your skin type can end doing more harm than good.

I often receive a lot questions about exfoliating such as, why you should exfoliate? Or what’s the difference between the different types of chemical exfoliators? So I thought why not answer all those questions and help those who still aren’t sure about exfoliating.

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Detox Diary: Why You Need A Summer Skin Detox

Whenever your body tells you its feeling bloated, heavy and congested you’ve probably turned to a detox diet. The purpose of ‘detoxification’ is to help cleanse your body from waste, impurities and toxins to keep the body functioning at its best; to improve digestion and restore energy.

But how often do you do a skin detox? A skin detox is a great way to cleanse your skin and pores from impurities for a healthy and radiant glow. Pollutants and dirt from the environment can clog your pores, and toxins from your diet can cause your complexion to suffer.

Fortunately, Neutrogena has launched a skincare range AKA your skin’s new best friend, that specifically focuses on detoxing your skin; to help brighten your skin and reduce breakouts and hyperpigmentation.

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Next-Level Skincare: Lush Naked Range

Earlier this year Lush (one of my favourite beauty brands) released an innovative and forward-thinking range of skincare products. The products all come in a bar form (yes, even the oils) and you have to melt them into your hands and gently massage into the skin to use them. When I heard about the skincare drop I was so excited, and thank you to the Lush team for gifting me with some of the goodies.

The package-free products include a wide range of essential skincare items such cleansing balms, exfoliators and facial oils – offering new and soothing ways to get clear, hydrated, radiant or calm complexion.

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Top-Pick: Current Fave Skin-Finish Foundations

Trying to find the perfect foundation can be stressful and overwhelming. Walking into Clicks or Dis-chem swatching foundation after foundation only can become frustrating. Sometimes what looks great in-store can quickly be a different story five hours later.

Here are my top foundation recommendations that are super light on the skin and create a second-skin finish, while still providing enough coverage to hide dark spots.

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5 Skincare Swaps You Need To Make This Winter

While one part of the world is gearing up for summer, we are preparing for winter. It’s officially time to accept that the temperature is dropping which means snuggling, endless cups of tea and switching up the skincare routine. During the colder season I always layer on heavier skin products to avoid that ‘tight’ feeling on the skin.

My main skincare mission during the winter season is to protect my skin from loss of hydration that can lead to cracks and inflammation. If you’re someone with dry or combination skin type, like me. Here are some great ways to combat dehydration and dullness, by switching up your skincare routine, by using gentler and hydrating cleansers rather than exfoliating ones.

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Ultimate Eyelashes Guide: 3 Types of False Eyelashes You Should Know About

We all know that to take your face beat up a notch false eyelashes are the answer. While we love mascara sometimes a pair of false eyelashes will do.

However, the biggest struggle is the number of options that exist. There are so many styles, it can difficult to know which ones to pick for a certain occasion.

I recently received a lovely package from Eyelash Boutique with some of their best lashes from mink to classic eyelashes – there is a style for everywhere.

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Must-Have Summer Fragrances & Tips For A Long-Lasting Scent

The summer season calls for lighter and fresher scents. It means swapping the musky and oriental fragrances for fruity, floral and citrusy ones.

I’m a huge fan of long-lasting fruity-floral scents for the daytime, and seductive citrusy aromas combined with a whiff of sweetness for the warm, summer nights.

If you’re on the search for a new fragrance, check out these top picks. Also discover some great fragrances tips that will always make sure your scent is long-lasting.

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4 Ways to Pamper Yourself Like a Beauty Guru

Self-care has been all over the place these days and why shouldn’t be? There’s honestly no harm in wanting to take better care of yourself. The purpose of self-care is help improve your well-being from the inside out. So while you focus on your mental health, why not pair it with indulgent pampering of your outer self for an overall well-being.

Here are four ways to take your at-home pampering to the next level without having to make a super expensive trip to the spa.

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Natural Hair Routine & Haircare Tips

In 2014 I decided to do the ‘big chop’ which was a very scary and daunting experience for me, but I just had to do it for myself. I needed change and an uplifting one – transitioning from one hair type to another one.

When it was finally done, I immediately thought, okay now what… How do I maintain and look after this new hairdo? What are the next steps to dealing with my new texture of hair? My hair was no longer relaxed and smooth but it was coarse and super coiled.

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Pamper Your Skin With Celltone

It has been a refreshing and loving skin relationship with my beloved Celltone products for the past month or so. I have been using the products from the Celltone facial luxury pamper pack and the experience has been a worthwhile one. I absolutely love trying out new skin care products that can improve my skin care routine, keeping it youthful, clear and healthy which is why I loved the Celltone facial products. Some of the products have done extreme wonders for my skin, while others weren’t as effective.

The products are great to use in your skin care regimen for any season in the year. The range of products have been created to hydrate, soothe and moisturise your skin leaving it looking smoother, brighter and clearer. Some of my favourite products included the facial wash, exfoliator, toner and moisturiser.

The complete Celltone Facial Luxury Pamper Pack includes:

  1. Facial wash – Moisturising Facial Wash
  2. Exfoliator – Invigorating Exfoliating Scrub
  3. Cleanser – Soothing Cleansing Lotion
  4. Toner – Alcohol Free Facial Toner
  5. Mask – Hydrating Facial Mask
  6. Moisturiser – SPF 15 Daily Moisturising Facial Lotion
  7. The Golden Gem ” Celltone Tissue Oil.”

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