MAC Vibe Tribe Collection arriving in stores worldwide


After the MAC Vibe Tribe collection launched in the USA in mid-May, many make up lovers have been patiently waiting to get their hands on it and it is almost time. The collection is expected to hit South African and international stores this week. Although the name of the collection and the main inspiration behind the make up collection does not sit well with me, I am nonetheless excited about some of the products.

The collection is filled with shimmers of golds and nudes and 50 shades of coral colours from eyeshadows to lipsticks and even nail polish.


Some of the makeup products that I’m wishing for and hoping to get my hands on include the bronzing and highlighting powder, and at least one of the three lipsticks (from right; hot chocolate (favourite), arrowhead and tanarama.)

However, next time MAC should be careful about the naming of its make up collections and the inspirations it uses to make these collections, because it can be very controversial and problematic. But we low-key still love you MAC. 

You can check out the official MAC website to get a preview of what you can expect in stores.

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