Fashion Trend: Sleepwear Street Style

So I’m sure we’ve all once in lives been tempted to go shopping in PJs to buy some milk for our coffee or sugar for our cup of tea. But it’s always only been thought until now, celebrities are rocking their sleepwear as casual wear on the streets and on the red carpet meaning it is officially the norm for everybody else as well.

This sleepwear trend has been around for quite a while now, but it is soon making its way back as trend favourite. People like Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Ciara have been made rocking PJs in public an effortless and sexy look. And can I just say I’m so in support of this fashion trend all the way.

So how do we normal people rock this PJ style wear without getting weird and confused glances in public. Well, here are some tips to transform your sleepwear into chic PJ daywear:

Choose the right fabric – Okay, so unfortunately not just any old pair of PJs will work for this style. Stick to satin or silk fabric PJs for the total chic style.

Accessorise – Make the sleepwear style more daywear chic by pairing it up with a cute clutch bag, piling up the rings on your fingers or by wearing statement heels.

Rock a cute pair of shoes – For this look we can steal a page from the menswear and opt for velvet slippers to complete the look. Or like Rihanna, find a cute pair of fur slippers or heels for that girly touch.

Now you can rock your PJs in public without feeling out of place, just keep it chic and minimal. Also, remember to keep the makeup very minimal and simple almost like you “woke up like this.”

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